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    Hay guys i was just wondering if anyone one else apart from me wants to see the NATO gear in the server???

    Not meaning the NATO mod for ARMA 3 im meaning the actual NATO gear that’s in the game because we have the chest rigs but non of the uniforms match it maybe people don’t mind not having it because they don’t care about what there character looks like but i would love u to have my uniform match my chest rig and same with my chest rig matching my uniform i don’t know how hard it would b to do that but please take it into consideration :)


    Ps. its me Jordan :)



    Hey Jordan. The Nato gear isn’t blocked, just not supported by EpochMod out of the box. It appears the nato gear is built into the base Arma3 game though so we shouldn’t need to add custom add-ons on the server and all clients (you) which I wouldn’t be keen doing anyway. My only other concern is that when the uniforms spawn and once worn will give players a ‘side’. If the side isn’t right basically Antagonists and AI won’t try and kill you because your essentially on their side. But I can chuck one in the trader and try it out, make sure the drawings/skins are there and the sides are correct. Leave it with me, I will add it to the list. I wanted to review all the missing vehicles and weapons too but it’s a big chunk of work. So far I think I’ve added more than 20 additional vehicles.



    Thanks Carcus
    I hope it no trouble it would be nice to look Propper and not just a mangled group of green squares :). Hope it works out and look forward to seeing in game

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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