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    Just thought I would jump in a Say hey! I’m back!

    Thanks for providing this server for us to use Carcus, its changed so much since I first started here And its only looking better.

    So far It seems really stable. Few little bugs, But thats The Arma we know.

    Playing In-Game As Martinez.

    Would you be fine with Players posting server information on social media and Other sites to try and increase the number of users? Would be Good to see some Bigger numbers on.




    Thanks Chief, really appreciate that. I’m pretty happy with how’s the servers running at the moment. Scripts are working nicely together, provider outages have been resolved, overall everything is pretty stable now (touch wood). Now that everything is working I can focus on additional functionality. My next big ticket items are improving/adding more RyanZombies functions and maybe adding CUPS or other changes the community want to see.

    Very happy for you to advertise on our behalf by the way. Cheers and welcome back!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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