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    Hi Carcus.
    The DAT Arma 3 epoch server currently shows players names at a long distance. what would ve the chances of disabling this feature? due to a couple of reasons.
    if you were hiding in a bush watching someone you cover is blown of someone simply looks your way as your name is displayed.
    2. bullying. if someone dies at the hands of your 800m sniper shot but they get a glance at your name… they get upset and start activly looking for you due to your name displaying its too easy to locate.




    Now I understand why you replied to the other thread…

    1) I’d like to just point out first, there are very few games that don’t display user tags

    2) If your shooting people at 800m, it’s very unlikely that people spot you simply from “looks your way ”

    3) Nvm user tags, there’s a massive pop up that tells the entire server when you’ve killed someone, would you like that disabled as well?

    4) “they get upset and start activly looking for you” are you kidding me? I don’t even know where to start
    with that one… Unless your always hanging around the same place, the map is huge, I’d like to see this player
    that you claim that can be bothered going around the entire map to find you, cause they are one dedicated player.
    Most players will just keep an eye out when they are out and about and shoot you on site if they see you, for
    obvious reasons if you killed them…

    5) Unlike you, who seems to like PVPing, most players on the server actually like working together and by
    removing user tags, would make this difficult for many of them to do so, since they wouldn’t be able to tell
    friend from enemy.

    6) I couldn’t help but lol at this “bullying” comment you made. Are you for real, what was it you said to me in the
    other thread “maybe the word carebear should be added to the server name”. Wow, that’s all I can say about that.

    So let me get this straight, you would like to kill players and not let them have the chance to kill you back?
    Is that about right? I think if that’s the case, you should go play offline with some AI, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind
    or perhaps FPS games just aren’t for you? Perhaps you should give sims a go?



    After some research I have a feeling it’s to do with the Arma3 profile settings https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu. I’m guessing ‘FriendlyTag’ and the HUD options but turning them off will also turn off friendly or group tags too. It may even be your local a3profile because it seems inconsistent between players so check your local settings (C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3\Name.Arma3Profile). FYI our server is on regular difficulty.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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