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    The following scripts have been re-written or written from scratch:

    • Spawn at Base: This script allows a player to set a spawn location within their plot radius, clear a spawn location and view their spawn location. On player death the player can select to spawn at base, which is their saved spawn location. If the saved spawn location is not within their plot radius, they will spawn in a random location on the map. It has been built in with the Action Menu, Plot for Life and Enhanced Spawn Scripts.
    • Chopper Evac: Based on JAEM – Just Another Evac Chopper Mod this has been re-written from the ground up to work differently. A chopper is identified as an Evac Chopper, it doesn’t use a helipad landmark. This allows the evac chopper to be anywhere on the map when you call it, and is tied to the vehicle key. It will also allow you to send the chopper home.
    • Starter Kits: This script allows admins to spawn a pre-defined starter kit. Players don’t see it, but it allows the admins to service new players quicker 😉
    • Teleport to base: This script allows an admin to teleport to base, again not one for the players, but allows the admins to go back to what they were doing after helping another player out
    • More custom Content: We have developed additional custom content, with more to come (map additions and AI patrols).


    Nice work guys…appreciate all the effort you put into the scripts and the server.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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