New donation packs available!

Updated 27/08/16

Donations currently unavailable
If you enjoy our server and want to keep it running, please consider donating! Once you have donated, send an email to emailalong with your in-game name and the email address you used to transfer the funds so we can quickly process your packs. Note that if you donate the amount is displayed as € Euros, it is a bug on the providers website, donations will be processed as $ AUD.

To help keep the server up and running we are offering players the ability to purchase in-game money and or donation crates.

Donation Amount In-Game Money Included Bonus
$10 $200,000
$20 $500,000 +$100,000
$30 $750,000 +$150,000
$40 $1,000,000 +$200,000
$50 $1,250,000 +$250,000
$75 $2,500,000 +$1,000,000 + bonus crate!

A $30 donation crate contains the following items:

– ItemSafe (x15)
– CinderBlocks (x120)
– ItemCorrugated (x30)
– ItemCorrugatedLg (x20)
– ItemScraps (x30)
– KitCinderWall (x30)
– KitFirePlace (x10)
– KitFoundation (x25)
– KitWorkbench (x10)
– KitPlotPole (x5)
– KitShelf (x10)
– KitStudWall (x30)
– KitTiPi (x10)
– KitWoodFloor (x30)
– KitWoodFoundation (x30)
– KitWoodRamp (x15)
– KitWoodStairs (x15)
– MortarBucket (x30)
– PartPlankPack (x10)
– WoodLog_Epoch (x20)
– KitWoodTower (x20)
– KitWoodLadder (x15)
– ItemCables (x5)
– ItemSolar (x5)
– KitSolarGen (x5)
– ItemBattery (x5)

Please note that purchased money comes with no guarantees or refunds. If the money is lost or if the server is shutdown due to technical difficulties or lack of funding, your in-game money and donations will not be refunded.

All donations go towards hosting costs ensuring the server stays operational.

Thank you for your support!

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