Upgraded to Epoch v0.5 build 757

      Server IP:
      Server Port: 2302
      Server Query Port: 2303
      Version: Arma3 1.74+ EpochMod 0.5 (build 757)


      Dat Epoch crew have decided to hand over the reigns to our long term player, friend and contributor Abe. He will be hosting the server from now on with all the same mods and your bases will be intact. Abes website is available here http://abe1100.com/. The NSC website will soon be re-purposed for other non-game related projects.

      We would like to thank everyone that has ever joined one of our servers over the past 3 years (pretty much to the day), especially to all our donators, moderators and admins who kept the servers running so long. Shout out to Shad, WaterRat, Ronin, Swordfish and of course Abe. We have had a lot of fun tweaking the Arma2 DayZ Epoch and A3 Epoch mods and perhaps in the future we may start up something else. For now though, please thank Abe for taking over the responsibility of hosting our Arma3 Epoch server and code. We will help out where we can but most of us have young kids now so our time has become very limited.

      Dat Epoch Crew Out!

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